Galactic Human Evolution slideshow

Galactic Human Evolution slide show

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01 Center of the Milky Way Galaxy - Spitzer Telescope

02 A supermassive black hole revealed - Sagittarius A*

03 Hierarchy of Central SUNs - Chandra X-Ray Observatory

04 2012 - Solar system aligns with the Galactic Equator

05 Brown dwarf Nemesis - Binary companion of our Sun?

06 Binary orbits of 5th-dimensional Solar system Enclave

07 Binary motion of Solar Enclave around the Central Sun

08 UFO 'beamship' photo #494 - Billy Edward Albert Meier

09 Disclosure of Galactic Starfleet Earth Mission: 1945-95

10 Revelation of Golden Radiations from the Central Sun

11 Lemurian Scrolls: Ch 01 - Pilgrimage to Planet Earth

12 Lemurian Scrolls: Ch 12 - The great God Siva

13 Lemurian Scrolls: Ch 25 - Kundalini, The Primal Force

14 The Kundalini Force appears as a Great Massive Oil

15 The Oil of Siva !

16 The Chinese and Japanese come to Earth

17 Emanations of the Tao

18 The Lyren galaxy changes into dark energy

19 Return of the Supreme War Lord

20 New Humans created on Lasan in Lyra

21 The Lyren Epic - Galactic Cycles of Human Evolution

22 A Human Infinity of supermassive black hole Creation

23 The Supreme In-Breath and Space-Time Out-Breath

24 08-08-2008 Crop Circle - Wiltshire, below Milkhill

25 Star Path of Indigenous Humans of Earth (e.g. - Shawnee)

26 On the path of Chief Tecumseh (1768-1813)

27 The Light Encoded Reality Matrix

28 Offering to the Solar Logos

29 Solar Activation at the Giza Plateau

30 The Coherence of Evolutionary Consciousness


... Pharaoh Khufu's 'Black Ops' Technology 4,500 years ago ...